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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance in Michigan

Once you buy home or auto insurance in Michigan, you might think you are optimally covered if something goes amiss. The truth is that your current insurance can only protect you as far as their limits stretch. When you are faced with substantial claims, your home or auto liability coverages are likely to run out, putting your assets on the line. The good news is that with umbrella insurance from the Great Lakes State Agency of Lansing, MI, you won't have to fork out money from your pocket for uncovered liability claims.

What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is the extra liability protection that comes to your rescue when your typical coverages run out. Umbrella insurance is akin to putting on a helmet when riding a bike. You might think you don’t need it, but you will be glad you had it when a tragic incident happens. Simply put, umbrella insurance — as the name suggests — can save you on a rainy day.

What does umbrella insurance cover?

It’s worth noting that umbrella insurance covers damages to other people and not to you or your property. Additionally, umbrella insurance isn’t a stand-alone insurance policy. It rides on other insurance plans like a boat, auto, business, and home insurance coverages.

Typically, umbrella insurance covers the below:

  • Property damage
  • Bodily injury
  • Personal liabilities like slander and libel

Who should consider umbrella insurance?

There is a common misconception that umbrella insurance is for the rich and famous. This notion isn’t true because anyone can get sued. However, if you fall into the below situations, you need to consider umbrella insurance ASAP because the chances of being sued are high.

Consider umbrella insurance if you:

  • Own a pet that can bite
  • Coach youth sports
  • Participate in risky hobbies such as skiing or hunting that can pose a danger to others
  • Own a watercraft or vehicle
  • Your family members have strong opinions on social media
  • Are a board member in a nonprofit making organization
  • Have significant earnings and assets

While the law doesn’t require umbrella insurance, it’s paramount to purchase one to protect yourself from expensive legal suits that can wipe out your assets.

Buy umbrella insurance today!

Would you like to boost your auto or home insurance with umbrella insurance? Please contact the Great Lakes State Agency of Lansing, MI for a quote.

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