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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Insurance

Great Lakes State Agency serves Lansing, MI with insurance services for all your business, vehicle, and home needs. Here are the most common questions we get about commercial insurance.

FAQs About Commercial Insurance

Is commercial insurance a legal requirement?

Worker’s compensation and commercial vehicle insurance are the two legal business insurance requirements in Michigan. You must have worker’s comp insurance if you have even a single employee and you need commercial vehicle insurance if your company has any vehicles for company use or used by employees. 

How much coverage does my company need?

There is no broad answer to this because every single business is different and has variables that may not be considered. Start with the legal basics and then build up your specific needs to keep your company protected. 

At what stage in my business planning should I purchase commercial insurance?

Legally, once you hire an employee or purchase a vehicle for company use. Logically it is wise to purchase a policy to protect your business assets as soon as you invest in them, even before your company is officially up and operating. 

My current business is expanding, should I upgrade my insurance?

Yes, but it is not as simple as just adding the new location to your current policy. You want to take the unique considerations in your new location into consideration for maximum protection and coverage. For example, one location may have flood risk and another location may have a higher crime rate. These variables can be written into umbrella or additional commercial policies. 

Get The Right Coverage For Your Business

If you live in the Lansing, MI area contact us at Great Lakes State Agency for all of your insurance needs. 

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