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Does home insurance cover dog bites?

Dogs are man’s best friends, but not necessarily the best friend of every person they meet! A home insurance policy is designed to offer homeowners legal and financial protection in the event of a number of incidents, including injuries to another that happen on your property. But what if it’s your property (which pets are according to Lansing, MI and greater Michigan law) causing the damage? Our team at Great Lakes State Agency is here to answer this commonly asked question about home insurance!

Does Home Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

Home insurance policies are generally designed to offer financial and legal protection in the event someone is injured by your dog. A home insurance policy will generally step in to provide medical reimbursements and offer legal aid should that person try and sue you for damages due to their injuries or any injuries sustained by their pet.

However, there are some cases in which a home insurance policy won’t cover dog bite injuries. Let’s take a look at those exceptions:

  • Dog bites the owner or household members. Unfortunately, if your own dog bites you or a household member, your home insurance policy will not take up the claim. You can pursue medical reimbursements through your own health care insurance. 
  • Dog bite from an excluded breed. Many insurance companies are adding certain breeds and crossbreeds to a list of dogs they will not insure because of their heightened risk of causing serious injury. Common examples include pit bulls, bully breed mixes, and rottweilers. 
  • Dog bite from a known aggressive dog. Your home insurance company may pay out for the first bite by your dog, but take care as once a history is known, future situations are unlikely to be covered.

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